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Hi there!

It’s been an intense week – again – and many of you have reached out to me and to the numerous organizations in our state looking for direction and a place to direct your rage.

Now that you’ve let the rage out…In response to the many emails and texts that I and others are receiving to organize rallies, vigils, and actions, like wanting to host out of state clients looking for healthcare across state lines, I decided to put together this email.

Activists and organizations in New Mexico came together in coalition years ago to ensure New Mexicans had abortion access, and in 2021 – by working with progressive legislators – they repealed a 1969 abortion ban that was still on the books. Those same groups continue to be in coalition and conversation with one another to come together as needed and when possible to take action.

New Mexico is currently a safe state. Rallying and sitting vigil are important ways to show solidarity, but what is more critical at this time – and what we are being asked to do by local reproductive justice leaders who literally do not have time to organize or speak at another rally – is take a breath and activate in these 3 ways for now:

Follow the lead of existing organizations – sign up to receive their organizational newsletters and follow them on social media to find out what actions they need support with.

Donate/fund/invest/resource their work!

Campaign & mobilize for the November Primary – The lives of women and girls are on the ballots now.

Below are some local actions to take part in over the next month and a comprehensive list of national organizations that are in need of resources and offer abortion and reproductive care. I invite you to share with your friends and families in those states, dive into the ones that speak to you and learn about the work they do and how you can best support them. Again sign up for their newsletters, follow them on social media, fund them, campaign for them, volunteer for them, FOLLOW THEIR LEAD!

Take care of yourselves!

With love, Cecile


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