Branch History

The Santa Fe Branch was founded in 1933, the fourth branch in the state of New Mexico. We celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2008. Through the years, the Santa Fe Branch has been very active in promoting equity for women through education and active lobbying in the State Legislature. Members participate in AAUW Lobby Day at the State Legislature every year. In the 1930′ the Branch worked to pass the Child Labor Amendment. In the 1940′ and early 1950’s we worked on getting qualified women into state government. In 1969 Santa Fe Branch worked to establish the Senior Center in Santa Fe. In the 1970’s and 1980’s the Branch owned a home that was used for meetings and events and was also rented out to other groups. In the late 1980’s the house was sold. The money earned from the sale was used to establish an endowment fund with the University of New Mexico (UNM) that provides a yearly scholarship for a UNM woman graduate student living in Santa Fe County.

The Santa Fe Branch has had an ongoing commitment to the public schools. In the 1990’s the Santa Fe Branch was very active in supporting education for women and girls and in 1997 spearheaded a Schoolgirls Symposium. Over 20 community organizations participated in the Symposium. The Careers and Curiosity program began in the 1990’s. This is a program put on in various public elementary schools that introduces children to careers from archeology to zoology. Most of the presenters are women. This program continues to this day. In 2009 we adopted the Adelante Program in the public schools that provides support to homeless children and their families. We have donated warm coats, hand knitted scarves and food to the program.

The Santa Fe Branch is actively involved with the League of Women Voters to present public forums connected with the various elections. We also have an observance of Equal Pay Day in April to educate the public.

Every year the Santa Fe Branch of AAUW has programs and projects to add to our own education and to help out the community. Please join us.

AAUW SANTA FE Branch UNM Scholarship Fund


Mrs. Charlotte Arnold, Miss Jennifer Avery, Miss Ruth Barber, Miss Rachel Benfer, Miss Grace Bowman, Mrs. David Campa, Mrs. David Carmody, Miss Martha Cochran, Mrs. Charles Devendorf, Mrs. F. Geyer, Mrs. Carl Gilbert, Miss Rebecca Graham, Miss Hester Jones, Mrs. E. H. Kimmel, Miss Carrie King, Miss Eleanor King, Mrs. Victor Kleven, Mrs. Fred A. Koch, Mrs. Donald McKay, Mrs. B. De V. Merchant, Miss Cathryn Parker, Mrs. E. R. Paul, , Mrs. James Scott, Miss Helen Siprelle, Mrs. Stanley Stubbs and Mrs. Joseph Vernon.


1933-35 Rebecca Graham
1935-37 Frances Carey
1937-40 Ursula Sly
1940-44 Harriet P. Kidder
1944 Josephine Howard
1944-46 Marie Ely
1946-48 Cathryn Parker
1948-50 Beatrice Chauvene
1950-52 Helmi Thompson
1952-53 Julia Saxton
1953-54 Katherine Stevens
1954-55 Phebe Harris
1956-58 Hazelbel Via
1958-59 Jane Bill
1959-61 Mary Ruoff
1963-65 Mary Pauline Smith
1965-66 Gloria Duran
1966-67 Mary Ruoff
1967-69 Maurine Jones
1969-71 Betty Moloney
1971-73 Judy Brito
1973-75 Betty Montoya
1975-77 Joyce Weitzel
1977 Janice Wallis
1977-79 Oriol Grand-Girard
1979-81 Margaret R. Hinck
1981-83 Anne Anderson
1983-85 Carol Schwendimann
1985-87 Mary H. Crane
1987-89 Florenceruth Brown
1989-91 Norma Lee Schmidt
1991-93 Karen Watkins
1993-97 Sherry Sandlin
1997-99 Mary Beth Kingston
1997-99 Mary K. Pierson
1999-2001 Enid E. Tidwell/Judy Lear
2001-2002 Donna Walker
2001-2002 Kris Alilunas Rodgers
2002-2003 Donna Walker
2003-2004 Council Governance
2004-2005 Mary Grathwol/Shelley Nolde
2005-2008 Shelley (Nolde) Rossbach
2008-2009 Shelley (Nolde) Rossbach/Sandra Bradley
2009-2011 Sandra Bradley/Judy Kares
2011-2012 Enid Tidwell/Julie Vollmer
2012-2013 Enid Tidwell/Julie Vollmer
2013-2015 Jeanne Patrick
2015-2017 Jeanne Patrick/Lina Germann
2017-2019 Lynn Heffron
2019-2021 Louise Yakey/Jeanne Patrick2021-2023 Anne May