Branch Officers

2022-2023 AAUW—Santa Fe Branch, Inc.

Jeanne Patrick & Robbie Richards
Membership Vice President
Luanne Moyer
Finance Chair
Meredith Tallas
Nickola Rubow
Public Policy Co-Chairs
Robbie Richards
AAUW-UNM Scholarship Endowment Chair
Mickey Bond
Newsletter Editor
Directory Editor
Enid Tidwell
Jeanne Patrick
University/College Liaison
Jane Baker
Luanne Moyer
Website Manager
Ginger Williams
Corresponding Secretary
Connie Deschamps
STEM/Tech Trek
Jane Baker

Membership Committee

Luanne Moyer (chair)
Sarah Fassett
AAUW-UNM Scholarship Endowment Committee
Mickey Bond  (Chair)
Judy Kares
Elaine Carson
Program Committee
Jeanne Patrick (chair)
Luanne Moyer
Philip F. May Fund Committee
Mickey Bond  (Chair)
Lynn Heffron
Jeanne PatrickNickola Rubow
Meredith Tallas
Policy Committee
Erica Higbie
Robbie Richards
Georgia SchallNikola Rubow

Elected and Appointed Officers Job Descriptions (as of February 2024)

Santa Fe Member Center for contact information