Welcome to Santa Fe, New Mexico Branch of AAUW, Inc.!

All our monthly meetings are open to the public.
We would love to have you as our guest.

Saturday Feb. 6, Lunch and Movie

11:00 lunch @ Tecolote (reservation is under AAUW)
1:00 The Helen Movie Documentary Project with presenters Anna Darrah and Helen Schreider.

Location: SFUAD 1600 St. Michaels Southwest Annex Building

Anna is producer/director of the wonderful documentary about the life of Helen Schreider. Helen and her husband together traveled all over the globe throughout their lives and working for National geographic, the Saturday Evening Post and writing several books together about their adventures.
Some of their adventures include: traveling by Jeep from California to Costa Rica in 1949; making a 20,000 journey from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego traveling by land and sea in a vehicle known as a Duck over a 2 year period 1954-1956; going on six expeditions for National geographic for which he received many accolades and distinctions for which she was not eligible to get because she was a women. (and which she did receive later in life) For more info about it you can check out the website: thehelenmovie.com.

Contact Melanie Buchleiter for more info.

Thursday, February 11 – 5:30 PM Candidate Forum for Santa Fe City Elections

Location: Community Room, Main Library (145 Washington Avenue).

If interested in volunteering, please contact Cynthia Dobson.
AAUW-Santa Fe is co-sponsoring this forum with League of Women Voters. Please spread the words to your neighbors and friends in Santa Fe. We need to have audience members.

Tuesday February 16: Careers and Curiosity in Math and Science

Location: E. J. Martinez Elementary (401 W. San Mateo)

Once again our Santa Fe AAUW branch is planning on holding this STEM event. Please consider participating as a presenter or as a volunteer. Your time commitment would be from 8-12. Please contact Lina Germann if interested.

Please help recruit career women who might be interested in presenting and representing a career with a hands-on activity. Any career can be a career that uses Math and Science.

Careers & Curiosity in Math and Science is an elementary school event with a majority of women presenters, all using math and science in their careers. This format of career fairs has the unstated goals: (1) to give GIRLS role models who are women with careers using math and science, (2) to show the boys and girls how exciting and useful math and science in their future career, (3) to send the message that girls can do math and science. For more information and pictures: http://santafe-nm.aauw.net/stem/careers-curiosity/



We are now accepting membership dues for 2015-2016 fiscal year*.  Dues are $77 which includes $16 for the Santa Fe Branch, $12 for AAUW-NM, and $49 for the National organization, out of which $46 is tax deductible.

New Alert: Beginning January 1, 2016 (through March 15, 2016) we can also offer half year dues to new members, $24.50 National, $6.00 State and $8.00 Branch for a total of $38.50. If you join at one of our public meetings, you qualify for the Shape the Future discount on National dues, bringing it to $12.25, for a total of $26.25.

*AAUW Fiscal year:  July 1 till June 30.

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birthdaycakesmallSanta Fe Branch celebrated its 80th Birthday in December 2013

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